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  • Bulk text messaging for fashion ecommerce businesses
  • Case Study - Increased Engagement for Fashion Ecommerce brand through Voyage

Marketing for fashion ecommerce businesses is made tricky by the pace of changes in the industry and the pressure of successfully engaging your audience and turning them into paying customers. For smaller companies and startups in this space, finding a cost-effective digital marketing channel helps substantially. Because of its speed and its capacity for personalization, SMS marketing or text marketing is their best option. Why? Because consumers are going mobile.

The average cell phone user checks their phone nearly 150 times a day. Moreover, people are using smartphones for communicating with brands as well. According to OuterBox, 79% of online purchases were made from mobile devices in 2018, and the number is expected to increase.

This means that using texts to communicate and leveraging the mobile opportunity helps you carry out more personalized interactions with your audience, reduce marketing costs, and increase your ROI.

Relying solely on email is no longer a viable engagement strategy, given the poor open rates and high spam rates with email. As a matter of fact, a study found that sending a follow-up text after an email can increase the open rate by up to 30%.

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Bulk text messaging for fashion ecommerce businesses

Bulk text messaging is brief and fast. It forces brands to put their message into 160 characters, and thus audiences are more receptive to engaging with their messaging through this channel. This is why, compared to email, SMS marketing gets better engagement from today’s audiences than email marketing with 4x better open rates and ~15x better CTRs.

SMS Marketing vs Email Marketing – which one is better for engagement?

Below are 5 ways you can use SMS marketing for your fashion ecommerce business:

Allow customers to track order status

A simple delivery notification at the time of order confirmation or to provide shipping details can significantly reduce the number of calls or emails to customer care. As a fashion ecommerce business, you can significantly enhance the customer experience by sending text alerts with updated delivery information. In the process, you can prove to customers that you care for their business, and build stronger relationships with them.

Win over undecided customers

If a customer abandons their cart at the last screen, they probably wanted to buy but got distracted. The average cart abandonment rate in ecommerce in 2017 was about 78.65%. But on the brighter side, many customers say that a friendly SMS follow-up can encourage them to complete the purchase. 54% of customers say that they would go ahead with a purchase if the store sent a unique follow-up with a lowered price on items in their cart.

(Source: “Complete List of Cart Abandonment Statistics: 2006-2018”, Barilliance, 02/28/2018)
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Send special deals, offers, and coupons

Most consumers love a good deal and brands can use SMS to send well-timed offers or deals. In fact, according to a study, 95% of all purchasing decisions are made subconsciously. Thus, sending discounts and offers through SMS at the right moment can induce customers to make a purchase and help boost sales during specific promotions or campaigns.

(Source: “Harvard Professor Says 95% of Purchasing Decisions Are Subconscious”, Inc., 03/26/2018)

Text messages are effective ways to share discount codes, vouchers, and exclusive deals and sales. SMS marketing automation platforms such as Voyage also let you automatically segment users based on their prior shopping behavior or interaction with your brand, helping you send customized offers with the best chance of resulting in a sale.

Marketing automation and SMS for better engagement

Notify customers about new products or sales

Most retailers send emails to inform customers about new inventory. However, email open rates are falling – largely because there are too many promotional emails being sent. A bulk text messaging solution tends to get more engagement from your audience, and so useful information such as product launches or new stock of their favorite product can be shared.

Send payment and delivery notifications with SMS

Businesses can use SMS to send relevant alerts to customers, especially notifications. With Voyage, you can remind customers to complete payments. You can also let them know when an item is ready to be delivered or picked up.

Case Study – Increased Engagement for Fashion Ecommerce brand through Voyage

Voyage worked with a Direct-to-Consumer innerwear brand for women that sells underwear with minimal designs and promising better comfort than regular lingerie brands. The brand added SMS to its marketing channels to build a larger audience and boost engagement with both new and existing customers. With Voyage, the brand saw an opt-in rate of 9%, a click-through rate of 45%, and a 90% uptick in audience retention.

This helped reduce customer service costs for the brand because it no longer had to deploy a large number of reps to manage requests. Instead, they used text to address common issues and queries with excellent results. At the same time, it also saved them money on expensive advertisements since they were able to carry out more personalized conversations with customers and target them with tailored offers and promotions.

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