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  • Bulk Text Messaging - connect with your audience at scale
  • Text Marketing Automation - personalize and customize
  • SMS APIs

With the rise of mobile, channels such as SMS, or text messages, are today among the most effective marketing tools. As per various studies, the average smartphone user spends over four hours every day on their device. At the same time, the open rates for SMS are almost 98%. That’s nearly four to five times the response rate with email, which continues to be the most favored direct digital marketing tool among businesses and marketers. With engagement continuing to be the holy grail for digital marketers across the world, you should be seriously thinking about using global text marketing for your business. If you are, this article takes you through how you should start your journey.

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Bulk Text Messaging – connect with your audience at scale

Text marketing tools allow you to send mass texts, just like emails. The difference is that customers are more likely to read a text when it arrives. Mobile usage statistics suggest that about 99% of texts are read by people, while recipients respond to 90% texts in just 90 seconds. Emails, on the other hand, are opened around 21% of the time only.

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Moreover, traditional advertising channels are usually cost prohibitive for small businesses and startups. Compare that to bulk SMS marketing, which has much lower set-up and running costs. This can allow small businesses to launch and execute campaigns at only a fraction of the cost compared to other marketing channels; SMS marketing allows you to reach 1000 customers in a matter of seconds for as little as $20 and achieve a conversion rate of 32%.

How SMS marketing delivers the best ROI among digital channels

Considering the level of cost-effectiveness and returns from the investment, global text marketing tools should be a major part of any startup or small business’ marketing strategy.

Text Marketing Automation – personalize and customize

Another key benefit of text message marketing is automation. In 2019, more and more businesses are looking to run their marketing campaigns on auto-pilot to reduce time, effort, and most importantly, cost. Like email, businesses today can automate their text marketing campaigns using messaging platforms. This way, they can spend more time on designing better campaigns while smarter tools manage their execution.

Further, with a text marketing solution, businesses can also leverage data from past campaigns from their CRM, app, or website to design new campaigns or optimize ongoing ones for better outcomes. They can then use SMS to consistently engage customers with targeted and personalized messages with offers, discounts, updates on new products, etc. Using the analytics capabilities of their existing marketing management systems, they can extract insight on customer engagement to further optimize various elements of an SMS campaign, such as the timing, length, and frequency of the messages.

Further, businesses can create more detailed protocols for how they communicate with their customers. They can also categorize the levels of engagement with customers based on factors such as the frequency or recency of their interaction with the brand, along with metrics such as transaction value and customer lifetime value.


An SMS API is a software integration interface that can be used to build a personalized SMS channel for a business. A significant benefit is that the API can be seamlessly integrated with your existing digital channels to create a central control center for all marketing. This is possible with minimum to no development effort, while allowing the business to:

  • Send hundreds of SMSes in a second in various formats
  • Receive text messages
  • Conduct surveys among customers
  • Access real-time status reports on campaigns and texts

Businesses that sell their products or services online can integrate SMS APIs with their websites or sales platforms to use existing customer data to personalize messages. These messages could include notifications on their orders, delivery status, and receipts.

Studies reveal that businesses that carry out effective drip campaigns with a combination of email and text messaging have been seen to get 80% more sales at 33% lower costs.

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